Handling knife and skills for gourmet cooking

 Handling Knife and Skills

for Gourmet Cooking

Handling and learning knife skills for cooking is very important because knives are the most important equipment in your tool kit. A chef can accomplish a number of tasks quickly and efficiently with a good, sharp knife. Sharp knives are not dangerous but using blunt knives is both time-consuming and dangerous.

It is because high-quality knives obtain and keep an extremely sharp edge, one capable of slicing off a good part of a finger in a split second, that knife skills are a critical part of a cook's training. Knife safety is 1st priority, Let's known some tips:


Using Your Knife Safely

  1. Never leave a knife in a sink of water or hidden surface.
  2. Use the correct knife for the job.
  3. Make the distance between the body and the cutting board.
  4. keep your knives sharp and clean.
  5. A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one, so always 
  6. Do not attempt to catch a falling knife.
  7. Cut on a cutting board.

Sharpening Your Knife

A sharpening stone is a perfect tool for sharpness. To use, place the heel of the blade against the stone at a 20-degree angle. Press down on the blade while pushing it away from you in one long arc. Repeat the procedure on both sides until sharp.

Washing Your Knife

Do not wash knives in dishwashers. Wash and dry your knives by hand after use.

Gripping Your Knife

There are many different ways to grip a knife. Use the grip that is most comfortable to you.

1. The most common grip: Hold the handle with three fingers while gripping the blade between the thumb and index finger.

2. Grip the handle with four fingers and place the thumb on the front of the handle. 


Controlling Your Knife

Keeping your fingertips curled back, grip the item being cut with three fingertips and your thumb.

Keep the knife in the other hand. Keep the knife's tip on the cutting board, lift the heel of the knife.

If I had to choose one good knife to get, it would have to be the 8" Cook's (Chef) Knife. I find that I use it the most for chopping, slicing, etc. 

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