Why do people commit suicide? - A true story.

Why do people commit suicide?
What should we do?
"A true story"


If any of my dear readers are heart patients or weak or under 12 years of age, I request you to skip today's following article.

Today, I present for my readers have a different style of article. This article is based on a true story. It relates to me personally and my family.
I don't write this kind of article, I write more about recipes, nutrition, cooking style, remedies, health, etc. 

Chef Habib (Six Seasons Hotel)

"Habib" is a very smart and also a good student and he is a very dear person to his parents.
Everything is obtained before any whim. Habib is the youngest of three brothers and sisters. So there was no lack of affection. He was married while still in school and became the father of a son.
In this situation, after finishing his studies, he chose "Hotel Management" with the desire to build a career. At one time, he gained a reputation as a skilled chef.

Chef Habib (Hotel Peninsula)

Recipe by Chef Habib (Published on Media)

Times are passing very fast.
He is working in a five-star hotel. Making a good income.
Everything was going normally, just like everyone else.
But one thing that has been noticed is that his finances are not improving. Sometimes he takes refuge in lies about his salary and allowance. He spends 10% of his monthly income on the family, the rest is unknown. It is heard from colleagues that he occasionally drinks liqueur. Maybe this is the reason why his money is being spent.

Hasvi (Son of Chef Habib)

Here is another profile. Click here.

At a point, he is not satisfied with what he earns, but he is looking for a job elsewhere to earn more. One day he just took a new job elsewhere.

Mehereema (Daughter of Chef Habib)

After a few months, he was terminated from there.
Because he had done a lot of illegal things in his workplace and he was often intoxicated.
During this time, he has already been the father of a daughter.
Unemployed at home after losing his job. The family is going on by borrowing. Once again he started looking for a new job, at one point he got it. But after 5/6 months he was terminated as before.

Children's of Chef Habib (2016)

Eventually, he got a job in another hotel in the same way. He did not go to the office on the second day with one month's salary advance. He did not share any of this issue with his family.
So it is very clear that he is not in normal life. But his parents did not follow up on these issues. In a word, they were blind to the love of their sons. 


The time is April or May 2018, Habib is totally unemployed, he doesn't do any work, his family runs by borrowing. As well as borrowing money from one or more sources.

The thing is, he doesn't have food at home but he wants money for drugs.
The baby has no milk, no money to market, no source of money to support the family, but he raises money for drugs. Elderly parents are going to support the family in any way.

After 3 to 4 months like this, one day at noon after lunch he enters his room to rest and locks the door from inside - it was his daily routine.
His mother knocked on the door to have tea that evening but he did not open the door. Mother is helpless. After a while, he has knocked again but still did not respond from inside. 

At a point, his mother broke down the door with the help of another neighbor.
Then go inside and see:
She committed suicide by wrapping a long cloth around the ceiling fan. Shown in the picture link.


On the one hand, Habib is the sole earner of the family; But he has no income. So can't get drunk. 
No money for the brought drug.
On the other hand, his father is old.
Mother's kidney damage patient.
The wife suffers from a spinal disease.
Failing to protect the whims of children... maybe that's why he decided to commit suicide.

After that, everyone left the city and went to the village (Jessore).
Exactly one year later, Habib's mother (Kohinoor 60) died.
Then Habib's father (Abdus Samad 75) became lonely. 
Habib's father lives with his other two daughters.

Habib's wife (Nazmin 36)  lives with his two children (Hasbi 9 and Meherima 6) at his father's house (Khulna).
Now, with the help of others, he is having a hard time with his two children.

The three-member family now survives with the help of relatives and neighbors. But there are many questions
What is their future? How will they grow up in this society?
Will they be able to lead a normal life at all?
Who will give them this assurance?
Two orphans will not get the opportunity to education?
Will anyone extend a helping hand to them?

From this true story, we have been able to draw a picture of reality.
Thousands of such tragic truth stories are constantly happening in our society. If we analyze, we can understand the following reasons from this story: 


When a person is in despair, the lamps of his hopes and aspirations go out one by one. Gradually his life became miserable. He is humbled and is looking for a way out of this miserable life. Then one time chooses the path of suicide as the last resort. Usually, for those who choose the path of suicide and are ready to sacrifice their lives, some symptoms appear among them before taking the final step of suicide. Things that should be aimed at those close to him and realizing the sensitivity of the situation should be tried to the maximum.

For example, people with this disorder suffer from depression and nausea. Always say frustrating things. All the while he is seen as depressed, anxious, burdened, distressed, and discouraged in all matters. He repeatedly complained of his disability, incapacity, and misfortune. The cries of all kinds of imperfections and emptiness make him restless.

Then suddenly his normal life changed. His ups and downs, his interactions with people, his eating and drinking, his studies, his sleep and waking state, in general, the timing and type of all his activities change. He became indifferent to his clothes. Wants to avoid social relationships. He discusses death in a variety of strange ways. Gradually withdraw from the hectic daily life.


All the works and subjects were his favorite and favorite subjects; Now he finds no joy or encouragement in them. He becomes solitary. Likes to be alone. He began to hate society and the people of the society. Sometimes she complains of headaches. Sometimes fainting. Sometimes he breaks down his valuables and leaves them alone. He continues to waste his hobbies, which he collected with great difficulty.

Then he went one step further and became addicted to various intoxicants. Then he doesn't even care to play with the subject of deadly dangers. Sometimes he jumps from a very high place! On the busiest highway again, he tried to cross the road in the middle of a fast-moving car !!

He wants to avoid the much-needed emergency medicine or the medicine he has been taking in the past or refuses to take the medicine outright. At one point he tried to commit suicide. At first, his attempt was not so serious. So he cannot succeed in suicide. But then he regained his composure and this time he succeeded in committing suicide.


When the above-mentioned symptoms are observed in a person, his parents, husband or wife, or his close ones should give a clear warning about him. Every effort should be made to rescue him from this terrible danger and it is necessary to take utmost care of him.

Usually, people with mental illness or brain problems are always hurting themselves in different ways. Sometimes the head hits the wall. Never breaks a hand. Sometimes the ears are pierced. In this way, he keeps on hurting himself in one way or another. And such issues are manifested in the form of convulsions. Screaming and shouting, hurting yourself. Sometimes crying, sometimes smiling, these are the pre-suicide steps. In this case, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to take matters very seriously and to see an experienced psychiatrist immediately without any laziness or neglect. Because these issues are pre-suicide symptoms and early stage of suicide.


Sociologists and psychologists write that 35% of suicides are caused by dementia or mental illness. For example, depression, failure, separation, loneliness, unemployment, and excessive alcohol or other drug use. The reasons for the remaining 75 percent of suicides are different. For example, wrong education, social and cultural imbalances, family conflicts, violence against women, rape, socio-economic background, being overly emotional, and then completely depression. Going, failing in education or exams, getting rid of long physical illness and suffering or any shame, humiliation, and humiliation and other such things.

In spite of all these problems, if one has the right religious education and moral values, he is able to protect himself from suicide. And when there is no or lack of proper religious education among some; Then he remains ignorant of the horrors of this heinous act and the evils of this great crime. As a result, he deprives himself of the 'right to live in this world and makes himself worthy of severe punishment and severe punishment in the eternal life of the Hereafter.

When a person has true faith, his trust and faith in Allah become strong. He is always happy with the decision of Allah. No matter how bad the situation is for him, no matter how much misery befalls him, his unwavering trust and reliance on Allah do not crack at all. Because he firmly believes that suicide cannot be the solution to his problems. He also believes that he does not have the power to change destiny and does not have the power to change the situation. The power of all things is in the mighty hands of Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


The suicidal person, on the other hand, has this misconception that he will end the difficult situation he has faced, the misery and crisis he is going through, by committing suicide. Get rid of this situation and you will be successful forever. Which is basically a completely baseless, wrong, and unrealistic idea. He is a victim of this misconception because he is deprived of proper education and initiation.

The root cause of suicide:
The root cause of suicide is a lack of patience and endurance. Lack of perseverance. As a result, he becomes very anxious and restless whenever he is faced with an unexpected, unexpected situation. Surrenders to despair and despair. Suffering from various dangers, anxieties, and conspiracies, he set foot on the path of suicide.

Economic crisis:
Economic problems are a major cause of suicide. Such as poverty, unemployment, not getting adequate employment despite having many degrees and higher education. Dismissal. As has been the case with long lockdowns in recent times. Numerous people have committed suicide along with their entire families due to a lack of money. Most recently, the World Health Organization released a report stating that the impact of the global economic downturn could increase suicide rates. Within a few months, the suicide rate had risen sharply. The trend among Muslims themselves is growing at an alarming rate.

The ill-effects of the media
Another important reason for the recent rise in suicides is the media's rampant entertainment program. Thought-consciousness of different colors is presented through social media. Seeing these, people try to imitate the so-called celebrities of the media and unknowingly accept their influence in every aspect of their lives. Thus at one point, he loses his identity but still falls into the trap of despair as he tries unsuccessfully to be like them.

Family and social complexities:
Family conflict, hereditary hatred, domestic problems, and complications are also some of the reasons for suicide. Such as ongoing quarrels between parents or other members of the clan. When young children are in the shelter of an honest mother or an honest father, those children are treated harshly, they are severely abused. They are tortured physically and mentally. They are deprived of their normal rights. Their physical and mental needs and wants are ignored. They are always reprimanded, cursed. They are ridiculed. Above all, their emotions are underestimated. There is an intense mood of frustration and deprivation among all these children; Which pushes them to give up their lives and commit suicide.

Another reason for suicide is a failure. Whatever the failure of any field. When someone falls in deep love, then fails in that love, he commits suicide. Ever face financial failure. Never fails to repay a loan or raise money for other essential needs. Or incur irreparable losses in business. Or fail in education, fail in exams. When he is fired from a very good job, he is forced to choose the path of suicide. Even an international research report states that 80 percent of the world's suicides are due to various failures.

Loneliness and loneliness:
Another reason for suicide is loneliness and loneliness. Sometimes people commit suicide to escape the humiliation and humiliation of the punishment for a crime they have committed. Sometimes someone gets involved in such a sin; When he became the object of ridicule, he chose the path of suicide in order to punish himself. Sometimes someone suffers from the feeling of loneliness again. He thinks that he is alone in the midst of this huge population of the world. There is no one to tell the people close to him. No one wants to understand him. No one can feel his pain. He thinks that the people of the society have isolated him. They have no problem with that.
Since he is not able to punish others despite being angry at them, he is finally ready to punish himself. These issues usually occur among them; Those who suffer from a negative mood all the time, or those who suffer from mental instability and anxiety, or suffer from brain problems.

Incurable disorder:
One of the biggest causes of suicide is suffering from a complex incurable disease. Any such illness; From which there is no possibility of recovery. Such as cancer, AIDS, leprosy, or similar diseases. Patients with all these diseases choose to commit suicide because they cannot bear the pain of the disease or become frustrated with survival. Several international studies have shown that the proportion of suicides due to such diseases is 15 to 16 percent, while the suicide rate due to excessive alcohol or other drug addiction is 15 percent.

Drugs and intoxicants:
Another major cause of suicide is intoxication and intoxication. This has become a big problem in our society now. Even if you take it at the request of a friend, or as a hobby, it later becomes intoxicating. At one point it becomes valuable to the consumer, and the rest is trivial. Only a family can keep it free. There are many children from rich families whose parents do not know where their children go or who they associate with.

So I think, if children are 100% supervised and guided by their parents from their childhood, then we can get rid of this disorder called suicide. Let us first warn ourselves and guide our children to the right path.

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